Tuesday, October 2, 2012

 Dance of Love

I take in her beauty with my eyes
Slowly, and deliberately I approach her
Her burgundy dress clings to every curve of her body
Revealing yet concealing pleasures to be discovered to be savored

My hands begin to caress her smooth lines and curves
Exploring once again each well known curve and crevice of her body.
I push a well remembered button that sends a slight shiver over her
A shiver that sends a thrill through my body each time it happens

Slowly I embrace her and guide her gingerly onto the dance floor
Careful to protect her delicate yet strong body
I feel her as she surrenders her body and power to my control
We move on to the floor and begin our dance of love

Her movements add a grace to mine
A grace that I only know with her
We move further on to the crowded dance floor
We dip, weave, and side step to avoid other dancers

To allow anything or anyone to touch her is not permitted
To do so would break the deep emotional spell of this embrace
She responds to my light touch as we move past obstacles she does not see
Her trust in me complete and mine in her

Even when I make a mistake and cause a misstep
She forgives and recovers with no complaint
Our bodies meld and move as one as we dance
I lead she follows and never doubts my direction

I listen and feel as one with her and she purrs ever so softly
Even when I am spent, exhausted and in need of rest
She waits patiently for me to return for her
When at last I again caress her body, and push her button

And ease her between my legs, and give a little squeeze
And once again move out onto an endless asphalt dance floor
And begin all over our dance of love
Between me and my two wheeled machine

Dale Butler
[i]About my relationship with my motorcycle